Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Avast 4 Home Edition

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AVAST 4 Home Edition provides free antivirus protection for Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98. The scanner installed just under 40MB and 6 running processes to our Windows XP Pentium 4 test system, taking a slightly bigger toll than other free antivirus scanners, but still well suited for older PCs or those with limited system resources.
AVAST 4 Home Edition installs an interface that could be described as either clever or cumbersome, depending on your point of view. Borrowing on the WinAmp-style skins, the look can be changed by downloading a new skin from the vendor's website. Regardless of the skin, however, it's less than intuitive for those who prefer a standard Windows interface with easy-to-browse menus. AVAST 4 Home Edition is the only one of the free scanners to offer scans on bootup. This can greatly increase the chance of removing stubborn infectors, particularly those that use resuscitators to thwart removal attempts. (Each of the free scanners can be run in Safe Mode, however).

AVAST 4 Home Edition provided limited adware and spyware removal, nabbing 33% of the active components we tracked on our test system. Though 33% is certainly a poor removal rate, it is the only one of the free antivirus scanners to offer adware and spyware removal - and is one of the few to do so even among paid-for antivirus scanners. Further, the deficiency appeared to be due to a lack of signatures, rather than any particular struggle to remove infectors. (Indeed, the scan on bootup option virtually ensures AVAST an easier time of removing adware and spyware, provided the appropriate signature is in place).

Alwil Software, makers of AVAST, offers support for the free version via email, online help forums and knowledgebases.Download

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