Friday, December 25, 2009

Smadav 2009 - Antivirus

smadav SmadAV is not paying local Antivirus (freeware), which is devoted to overcome the virus-the virus that local or foreign in Indonesia.By using the engine to its own antivirus, SmadAV virus scanning can quickly and accurately. And added with its heuristic algorithm, variants of virus variants (both variants or the latest variants old) that not in the database SmadAV can be detected easily. If there is a program bug, suggestions /criticisms, or want to collaborate in the development SmadAV please send an email message to SmadAV (
SmadAV can only run well on Windows NT platform (Windows 2000, Windows XP), this is because the virus-virus at this time a local attack more computers with the Windows NT platform. And a computer with Win Platform 9X/ME still safe from the attack of the virus locally.

SmadAV freely used and distributed provided that:
* Do not add or reduce the files that are in
* SmadAV Folder (zip)
* Not modify SmadAV
* Not for profit or commercial interests

Programs such as not paying other, SmadAV made in the hope that it can be used entirely by the user, but all forms of damage that may be related to the use of SmadAV outside the programmer’s responsibility.Download

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