Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blue Atom Anti Virus for Indonesia Free Download

Your usual softpedia.com browsing the site to search for antivirus, certainly knows the Blue Atom Antivirus. But, do you know who the creator of the antivirus 2.5 MB size that can crawl about 4,000 the virus within and outside the country?

He is Alvin Leonardo (14) E IX class student Stella Maris Catholic Junior High School, Surabaya. Amazingly, this works Suroboyo arek officially has received guarantees 100 percent clean by Softpedia on October 19, 2009.
Although one resident superior class in school, Alvin is a modest figure of students. Special invisible. Short hair and skinny little body. But, he was more controlled than the computer pemrogaman colleagues.
blue atom anti virus
Alvin began diligently tinkering with a computer program about three years ago. At that time, he had just sat down in junior high school and for the first time holding a computer. At first, he just likes to play games. But, his curiosity grew when he saw the visual basic program in computer hard disk.

"At that time I was curious, what program? How it works how? Then my brain-tweaking until finally know, "he said. Alvin's ability tinkering with computer programs obtained by self-taught. He never followed a computer course or receive special guidance in the field of programming.

Only in the period of about two years, the couple's son Surya Muliani Tedjakusuma and Pearl had already mastered the language pemrogaman visual basic, c #, and asmbler (ASMX 86). Mastered the ability of three types of language that led pemrogaman Alvin makes antivirus.

The work was born from complaints of people around. "Many relatives and friends for irritated or flash disk computer viruses disturbed. I see antivitus working system is easy, so I made myself, "said the child was.

Alvin antivirusnya projects successfully completed in September 2009. At first he called his Fire Antivirus. But, since it had never existed, he then changed his name and gave the Blue Atom Antivirus. "Blue melambangakan peace and atoms are the smallest of all things, it represents my antivirus small enough capacity," said Alvin.
He then works to the Softpedia mendaftarakan online. "I had trouble registering, because they have to find websites that could be the introduction to enter the Softpedia, because I do not have their own server. But, finally able to use sourceforge, "explains Alvin.

A few days after registering to Softpedia, Alvin got a response via email that states have passed anti-virus manufacture and guaranteed test that can be downloaded directly via Softpedia.

Apart from a small capacity and can be selected more viruses, Blue Atom claimed Antivirus can work in a short time. This antivirus can be used for a computer with modest specifications.

Not satisfied with the work that has antiviral Softpedia certified. Alvin continued to develop his work. The result, in a short time he had to launch the development of antiviral Blue Atomic additional work with several advantages. A new version of Blue Atom Antivirus quarantine is now equipped, clean, antivirus features for games called game modes and flash protective features.
Atomic Blue antiviral development back to the Softpedia registered Alvin, Thursday (15/10). He hopes the new version of Blue Atom Antivirus can get a license back from Softpedia next few days. "If it can be licensed again it could be a birthday present," please boy who lives in Surabaya, Jl Moriah.

IT expert who is also dean of the FTIF ITS Ec Prof Ir Drs MSc PhD Riyanarto Sarno stated, a computer programming language is not easily controlled by students, especially junior high school.

"If she (Alvin) can master the programming language, means he is of a serious child to learn, he's great," said Ryan.
Related antivirus artificial Alvin, Ryan reminded that only antivirus system work is the ability to see something unusual in the computer work.

Antivirus functions to detect an unnatural thing to then control it. Therefore, antivirus products are required to continue updating, so that still function well if it had found new viruses.
"Kids like him need to be considered. To improve the ability, he could be included programming competitions, "added Ryan. Furthermore, he hoped potential like Alvin can be fostered to become hackers 'white knowledge' to socialize computer program control functions and IT to help find a solution for every need.

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