Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free Element TotalProtect 2010

A handy and easy to use antivirus solution
It's important to run security software whenever you're using your computer. Spyware, viruses and other potentially unwanted software can try to install itself on your computer any time you connect to the Internet. It can also infect your computer when you install some programs using a CD, DVD, or other removable media.
Potentially unwanted or malicious software can also be programmed to run at unexpected times, not just when it is installed. Element TotalProtect offers many ways to help keep spyware, viruses and other potentially unwanted software from infecting your computer.
Element TotalProtect 2010 is an upcoming next gen Antivirus for Windows that provides 4 in 1 system protection including features such as PC Security, Automatic backup and restore, PC Optimization and Anti-Phishing, all for an incredibly low price.
NOTE: This BETA does not replace Element TotalProtect. It is merely a preview of the next version of Element TotalProtect product line. Element Totalprotect represents the most stable of the Element Totalprotect 2009 line and retail versions.
Service Update 1 for Element TotalProtect 2010 is a service pack which brings together all patches, functionality and security updates that have been released from the release day of Element TotalProtect 2010.
Here are some key features of "Element TotalProtect 2010":
Real-time protection and blacklisting:
· Element TotalProtect not only protects your computer against threats real-time, it also disables any blacklisted application from running or installing itself on your computer. Element TotalProtect updates its blacklist every day as well as its virus definition databases.
· Element TotalProtect can detect and remove all known viruses to date with built in heuristics scanning techniques. We also introduce a feature called White listing; this is a process that allows any white listed program or genuine program to run on your computer, and will ask for permission if a unknown or potentially malicious software has been requested to be opened. The anti-virus database is updated daily and is constantly changing to protect your PC against the latest threats.
· Even more of a threat than current viruses, Spyware can intrude upon your online privacy and send information about you and your computer. Element TotalProtect uses the same techniquies as Anti-Virus to help combat spyware risks.
· Rootkits are a relatively new threat in today's world. Rootkits install or attach themselves to your computers memory processes and your Operating System, such as Windows. Anti-Rootkit continuously runs in the background and checks your system for any known rootkits, and, if found, will instantly shut down and remove them from your computer and operating system. Rootkits can cause extensive damage to your computer data and your operating system.
· Any harmful objects that Element TotalProtect has found will be placed in the quarantine, or the virus safe as we call it. Any harmful objects placed here are isolated from your computer, and after 1 week will be automatically removed or cleaned.
Personal Firewall:
· Element TotalProtect offers a 2 way firewall system that runs silently in the background while you work. It fends off any intrusion attempts without constantly asking for your permission. Instead of using rules we use white-listing techniques instead, making your online browsing experience more efficient.
· Automated Backup and Restore- backps up your crucial files and restores them whenever you may ecounter a problem. Backup on the fly too!
· Incredible PC tuneup and immunization tools.
· ID protection protects you against online scams and phishing attacks.
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Element TotalProtect now integrates with Windows Security Center
· Installation bugfixes Download

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