Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cleaner 2010 v6.2.0.2020 Retail

The Cleaner is a system of programs designed to keep your computer and your data from Trojans / Worms / Keyloggers / Spyware and all manner of malware. By actively monitoring files and processes on your computer can detect the virus in action and catch it before it has a chance to do any damage to your valuable data. If you surf the Internet or send and receive e-mails, you do not have to worry about to open your e-mail, or programs you run - The Cleaner detection system will take care of your business so you do not need to worry! How The Cleaner Protects Your System ... The Cleaner searches your hard drive and clean out all the Trojans.

Using a unique patent-pending technology, The Cleaner compares each file against a list of all known Trojans ....
You can scan your entire system or just one file. This program also allows you to periodically update your Trojan database file to remain active with the latest research. The Cleaner Pro includes background scanning of all activity in memory; a faster, redesigned scan engine (about 100 files per second); the newer, tougher, Trojan fingerprinting process; scanning inside compressed archives, and the right completely redesigned Interface (GUI). The purpose tests have shown that The Cleaner blows the competition away, both in speed of scans and the number of Trojan found.The Cleaner Pro Features: Malware Protection, Live Updates, Registry Monitoring, Active Scanning, Stealth Mode, Quarantine Manager, Scheduler, In Submission Program Files, Command Line File Testing, Email Alerts, Admin Message, Alerts, TCMonitor Ignore List, TCMonitor Editor, Active Scanner Ignore List, Encrypted Configuration Data, Expanded Scan Information, Scan Pause / Resume, Enhanced Fonts In TCActive!

Features of The Cleaner Pro:
• Malware Protection
• Live Update
• Monitoring Registry
• Active Scanning
• Stealth Mode
• Quarantine Manager
• Scheduler
• In the Program File Submission
• Command Line File Testing
• Email Alerts
• Admin Message Alerts
• TCMonitor Ignore List
• TCMonitor Editor
• Active Scanner Ignore List
• Encrypted Configuration Data
• Expanded Scan Information
• Scan Pause / Resume
• Enhanced Fonts In TCActive!

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